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Established in 2014 by Yanya Boston & Ryan Wilson, we are a quality boutique premier booking agency, representing some of Australia’s finest live entertainers and performers. Between them they have their feet firmly planted on both sides of the music industry.

Who We are:

Yanya Boston is a professional drummer and percussionist who has performed all over the world, USA, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Japan, China, Russia, New Zealand, and Thailand, Indonesia, & New Caledonia

Ryan Wilson has been heavily and actively involved and awarded in the music industry for over two decades, spanning from performer, broadcaster, record label A&R guy, sound designer, & music director; which has taken him professional taken him across the world including Miami, Dubai, Ibiza, Denmark, Singapore, Beijing, Thailand & Indonesia. 

Having both travelled the world and worked and stayed at our fair share of premium luxury resorts we feel that we have the right knowledge and strong understanding of what is required by both client & their customers for all onsite entertainment needs.

With over 30 years combined experience with in the domestic & international music industry, we have direct access to many of Australia’s top musicians, offering the best in both professional experience and variety and we believe we can certainly cater an entertainment package directly suited to your premier resorts’ needs.

On the ARTISTS page you will find a collection of some of the singers and musicians we work with on a regular basis. All are extremely well experienced in live performance, have large repertoires of cover songs, and are professionally working around the country and some across the globe. They have played everything from large stages with famous artists such as Robyn Thicke, Jessie J, Katy Perry, Guy Sebastian, Ricky Martin, Human Nature, Jess Mauboy (just to name a few) to small intimate events, corporate events, and TV broadcasts.

Based on the resorts’ layout & desired entertainment outcomes, what we propose for the primary source of entertainment on Hayman Island is a small malleable band, purposely and precisely put together from a collection of our artists, designed to perfectly facilitate all your musical needs; from small acoustic duo through to full live band. Background cocktail music to dance floor favourites. 

Additionally we recommend providing an accompanying DJ that will work with a vocalist for Sunset sessions, as well as separate pianist for finer, unique experiences across your prestigious venues.

Our Vision:


Pre Dinner entertainment consisting of a 3 piece trio. Depending on production on site this can be tailored to be more of an acoustic set.

Zest Pool

Few things sound more appealing than listening to live music around a pool. Here we would utilise the trio once again for an afternoon tea session. Definately feeling an acoustic set here vs full drums and amps etc. We feel using percussion vs drum kit by the pool not only caters to the obvious volume considerations but also adds to the tropical island feel.

Haymen Pool:

Keeping it classy all the way here. Think Bali’s Kudeta. We would have a DJ play a cruisy afternoon set who is joined by a vocalist or instrumentalist moving into pre dinner time for a delightful Sunset session.


We feel it best to keep entertainment limited to a carefully selected playlist on the in house music system, providing the appropriate moods throughout the various times of the day


Given the classiness that is Fontaine, we feel a solo classical/jazz pianist would suit here, providing the ambience that 5 star dining deserves


6 people (musicians and a DJ)

28 days


All meals to be covered

Ground Transport & mainland transfers


We would cover return flights.